Fire protection_NEW

our business activities for the sector fire protection includes:

Our certified fire protection specialist will advise you on all fire safety matters according to ASR A1.3. We are happy to operate and control these activities for you:


  • Coordination with authorities and insurance
  • Monitoring the implementation of fire safety measures during new buildings as well as conversion and expansion.
  • Creating fire protection documents (concept development of fire water retaining basin, fire brigade routing cards according to DIN18675, alarm and evacuation concepts, escape and rescue plans in accordance to BGV A8, fire fighting plans according to DIN14095, Fire Protection Ordinance according to DIN14096)
  • According to § 20 of the BGV A 8 we check your escape drawings every 2 years including verification by our knowledgeable certified staff.
  • Our knowledgeable certified staff inspects your fire fighting drawings after structural changes, otherwise at intervals of 2 years in compliance with requirements to DIN 14095, with documentary evidence.
  • According to ASR A1.3 from 2013-02-28 new safety labels are required. We check these in your organization and take care of the re-labeling for you. A mixed labeling is not permitted!
  • Fire detection and fire extinguishing equipment shall be screened by ASR A2.2 in regular intervals and you have to service them in a proper way. We will be glad to check your implemented fire protection measures regulary for being up-to-date and safety.