Product Process

Our business activities for product and process optimization includes:

  • Monitoring of projects during the design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning in consideration of target date, technical queries, design changes and elimination of design flaws
  • Supplier support in monitoring the manufacturing and inspection process, delivery capacity, installation capabilities of purchased parts, design assistance, project support in production start-ups
  • Concept elaboration for new production lines
  • Development of new manufacturing technologies for these plants
  • Improvement of existing production facilities and process
  • Identification of waste in the entire process based on the actual situation with the help of a value stream map (VSM)
  • Clarification of interfaces between suppliers and customers
  • Technical support during the matching
  • Creation, acquisition and evaluation of failure and Microstopp analysis
  • Implementation of a holistic production system (Total Productive Maintenance (TPM))
  • Implementation followed by actions with an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis
  • Time measurements of the production lines including visualization, analysis and optimization
  • Identification of improvement potential on the workstations (One piece flow, ergonomics, Poka Yoke, set-up times, CIP, …) and implementation of the identified improvements in the production process